English short description

For the international clients from Strandpark De Zeeuse Kust you’ll find a short description of my treatments.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is a technique that’s perfect when you have really tight musculature. When you have tight sholders, neck pain, head pain, back pain and even RSI, etc.
In Deep Tissue I use no oil at all (in some cases a bit of cream) and I use my fingers, fist, underarm and elbow. Slowly I try to ga further in the texture of the body. I work on both muscles and fascia.
The effect are mostly amazing. Lots of times you really feel the warmth and energy (tingeling) running through the treated texture (skin, muscles, fascia).

Energetic Massage

In Energetic massage I use different massage techniques such as classic massage, reflex zones, holistic pulsing, vibration etc. I also encourage to breathe deeper or sometimes more. No energetic massage is the same. During the massage I find out with the client were the energy needs to go….and sometimes I just see where it goes. Eventually the energy should be able to run throught the whole body.
In this massage I use specific natural oils and I apply knowledge of the chakras.

Relaxation (ontspannings)massage

As it already says….In the relaxation massage I work quite slowly with natural oil and I am focussed on getting the body&mind (more) relaxed.

Cranio Sacral Massage

In the Cranio Sacral Massage the client keeps its cloths on. I start with lightly touching the feet. From then I go up by touching the chakras from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Then I touch specific points on the skull. With this technique the central nerve system relaxes and does it’s own healing work.
It’s amazing how deep you can relax with this (massage)technique and what can happen in the body.

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